Wednesday, July 14, 2010

day one hundred ninety five 7.14.2010

cleaned up my habitat studio today. here are some of my daily postcards lined up on a ledge-

day one hundred ninety four 7.13.2010

Every day while at the HFA residency, I am making a repetitive motion drawing first thing, then I cut it up into a postcard, write "I am being an artist today" and mail it off. I've been thinking about all the different "hats" I wear and my peers wear, and how we decide what role we are going to be in our life each day, every hour, etc. So while I am at my shed, I am being an artist.

day onehundred ninety three 7.12.2010

today i finally started drawing on the outside of my habitat studio. this is a close up of the drawn shapes, inspired by the tracings i made from where the paint bled underneath the painter's tape when i was making a habitat shape where i have been writing my thoughts and ideas while i am at this residency. there will be 2 panels with these drawings on them, with the neoprene shapes hanging in an open space between them. the strings and pushpins are there to keep the drawings in a straight line (they aren't staying)

day one hundred ninety two 7.11.2010

turns out the cat isn't the only one who likes to sleep on the clean unfolded laundry-

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

day one hundred ninety one 7.10.2010

for my hfa residency i am creating neoprene links based off of an accidental shape that was created when i masked off something with painters tape but the paint seeped under anyway. the links will be hung and stretched in part of a wall, and i am drawing on the other panels with the shapes. hopefully it will look cool!

day onehundred ninety 7.9.2010

I wasn't really allowed to watch television or movies when i was growing up, so every once in a while Nate is compelled to play catch up with me. can you tell which one of his favorite childhood movies i saw for the first time today?

day onehundred eighty nine 7.8.2010

there was a workshop today at the HFA site. It was a writing workshop for kids, where they wrote poems about nature and whatnot and tied them to trees. this one was written by the instructor. i love the notion of a poetry moustache.